MRV410 - Receiving Card (Class B)

Brand: Novastar
Product Code: MRV410
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Size (W x H x L): 47.9mm x 18mm x 136.5mm


MRV410 - Receiving Card

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226 x 256 resolution

24 RGB data out

MRV410 is the EMC version of MRV210 with its effective reduction of the electromagnetic radiation of the whole system. 


1) Single card outputs 16-group of RGBR 'data;

2) Single card outputs 20-group of RGB data;

3) Single card outputs 24-group of RGB data;

4) Single card outputs 64-group of serial data;

5) Single card supports resolution of 256x226;

6) Configuration file read back;

7) Temperature monitoring;

8) Ethernet cable communication status detection;

9) Power supply voltage detection;

10) High grey-scale and high refresh rate;

11) Pixel-by-pixel brightness and chromaticity calibration Brightness and chromaticity calibration coefficients for each LED;

12) Each of the ports has VCC PIN and the module can provide power supply to the control system;

13) Comply with EU CE-EMC standard;

14) Comply with EU CE-EMC CLass B standard.

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