MRV328 - Receiving Card (Class A)

Brand: Novastar
Product Code: MRV328
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Size (W x H x L): 95.5mm x 17mm x 145.6mm


MRV328 Receiving card

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256 x 256 resolution

16 RGB

HUB75 Interface integrates 8 standard

The MRV328 is a new receiving card developed by NovaStar. A single MRV328 loads up to 256x256 pixels. 

The MRV328 supports pixel level brightness and chroma calibration, which effectively removes color difference, greatly improves display consistency of LED images, and presents finer displays to users. 

Software and hardware designs of the MRV328 have fully concerned users' deployment, operating and maintenance scenarios, enabling easier deployment, more stable operating and more efficient maintenance. 

Hardware design: 

  • Integrates 8 standard HUB75 connectors, which makes the HUB board unnecessary.
  • Adopts the Gigabit Ethernet port, which can connect to the PC.

Software design: 

  • Supports pixel level brightness and chroma calibration.
  • Supports setting of images pre-stored in the receiving card.
  • Supports status detection of temperature, voltage, Ethernet cable communication and video source signals.
  • Supports the 5-pin LCD module.

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