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J6 Video Processor
 J6 Video Processor Download Specification SheetMulti-Layer Seamless Switcher Dual-mo..
N9 Video Processor
N9 Video processor Download Specification SheetMulti Layer Seamless Switcher Real 4K for b..
NovaPro UHD Jr All-in-One Controller
NovaPro UHD Jr Download Specification SheetThe NovaPro UHD Jr is a NovaStar’s new all-in-one co..
V-Can Video Processor Software
V-Can Video processor Sotware Simple, intuitive interface.Intuitive port mapping.Integrates well w..
A4s Armor Receiving Card
Armor A4s Armor Receiving Card A4s is a high-end receiving card developed by NovaStar, fea..
MCTRL300 Sending Controller
MCTRL300 Download Specification Sheet 1280 x 1024 resolution, DVI. The MCTRL300, one ..
MRV300 - Receiving Card (Class A)
MRV300 Receiving Card Class ADownload Specification Sheet256 x 256 resolution20RGB data outMRV3..
MRV328 - Receiving Card (Class A)
MRV328 Receiving cardDownload Specification Sheet256 x 256 resolution16 RGBHUB75 Interface integrate..
MRV366 - Receiving Card (Class A)
MRV366 Receiving CardDownload Specification Sheet512 x 256 resolution32 RGB data outHUB75 Interface ..
MRV410 - Receiving Card (Class B)
MRV410 - Receiving CardDownload Specification Sheet226 x 256 resolution24 RGB data outMRV410 is the ..
MRV470 - Receiving Card (Class B)
MRV470 - Receiving CardDownload Specification Sheet226 x 256 resolution24 RGB data outMOM InterfaceM..
MRV560 - Receiving Card (Class B)
MRV560 - Receiving CardDownload Specification Sheet226 x 256 resolution20 RGB data outMonitoring Car..
Multifunction Card MFN300
8 power switch management.4 light sensor / ambient temperature sensor interface.Auto power control o..
NovaCLB - Calibration Cabinet
Pixel Level LED Display Calibration SystemNovaStar Standard Calibration SystemIt can be applied to a..
TB3 Taurus
TB3 Taurus Media PlayerDownload Specification SheetTaurus series products are NovaStar's second gene..
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